Enify Boards I Creating Boards

Boards in Enify is a collection of information you need to perform a task. Boards combine Elements within Layouts to create personalised tools for any purpose. Here is how you create Boards.

Creating Boards

Boards are created on your workbench by simply dragging your elements on to the layouts at the top of the screen and saving them.

Getting started

    • To create a board you need to select an Environments and Layouts https://help.enify.no/en/getting-started-with-environment-and-layouts
    • You can select a Layout suitable for your Board. Just select one that has enough boxes to contain the elements you need to combine together on the screen.
    • Just click off the Environments/Layout selection box and it will close leaving you with your selection showing in the My work area.
  • Creating Boards
    • The layout selection was the complicated bit! Creating a board just requires you to drag your created elements (whether you created them or they are shared with you) into the Layout you selected in the My work area of the screen.

Note: A Board is a collection of information from "My Elements". The button for "Create Board" will be available if you only add information from there to "Your Work".

    • As you do this the elements will start and you will see how they look on screen. At this stage you can always select a new Layout , if you do so all your selected elements will move to the box to the left of the layout so you can quickly move them back into the layout.
    • The box to the left allows you to open elements minimised. This way applications and information can still be opened that is readily at hand without taking up any screen real-estate. You can use this function for information of secondary importance, occasionally used reference documents or to run a script in the background.
    • Once you are happy with the elements and their layout simply click on the Create Board button that will appear at the top of the My work box.
    • The board will be created and you will need to name it in the My boards section to the right.
    • Press save

Tip: Use a good descriptive name so you can find it again in the future.