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Enify Layout I Getting started with Environment and Layouts

Enify detects how many screens you have connected to your computer. Further different layouts are made available for your screen environment. Here is how it works.

How to choose layout?
    • To start using Enify you should to select an Environments and Layouts
    • The number of physical screens that are connected to your computer and how they are arranged is collectively called an Environment in Enify.  There will probably be an environment that suits your computer already in the system; generally this will be automatically selected by Enify when it starts but you can manually select one too (Shown in the video below). 

      HubSpot Video
    • Click on the Layout icon shown in the My work section.
    • In the selection box you will see all the Environments that are compatible with your current setup; remember this may often change if you have a laptop that you dock to desktop screens. If you don't find a compatible Environments with your screen arrangement you should contact your administrator who can establish one for you or give you the capability to make them yourself.
    • Choose Environment to get access to available Layouts. 
    • Click outside the box when you have chosen your Layout to get back to My Work.
    • To use your Layout drag and drop an Element and it will open inn you physical screens. 

    General tips for choosing Layouts:
    • Choose a layout that can fully contain the information without having to use the scroll bars too much. We would recommend having no more that 2-3 elements on an HD screen and no more than 4 on an ultrawide screen.
    • Instead of crowding all your elements on the screen with a single board, break your work into a few boards, repeating elements as needed.
    • Re-using the same element is simple and getting between boards only takes 1 mouse click, so don't be afraid to use more than one. 

Tips:  You can easily change the layout you want at any time when using Enify