Enify Add-on I Notifications about boards and elements

Enify utilize Microsoft Power Automate to create notifications about elements and board. Here is a guide on how it works.

For expert users

Why Notifications?

A good example of useful notification using Enify is when someone shares an element or board with you. Power Automate flows tailored for Enify requires customer specific data. Import of templates is possible, but changes need to be performed in the import process. In addition, the creations of flows might require a special subscription in Power Automate if Premium components are being utilized.

Enify Notifications - Power Automation

How does it work?

In order for our customers to create a flexible and valuable framework for notifications Enify utilize Microsoft Power Automate via SQL triggers. 

Every database table in the Enify database contains a column that can be used as an UPDATE- and CREATE trigger. 

Once a flow in Power Automate has been triggered all available flow components can be utilized. Use SQL query to dive deeper into the data to extract info from other tables. Transfer this info into the "Send E-mail" component and notify users about the change or creation.


How will this look from the end-users perspective?

The end-user will receive an email with information about what is shared, who has shared it and a link to Enify (see example below):

How can I get notifications for my organisation?