Enify Elements I Using Elements

Elements are the basic building blocks of Enify. They contain a link to the information you want to open. Could be a word-file, a presentation or information on its location within an application. Here is how you can use elements in Enify.

What is Elements?

Elements are like "Bookmarks" that open your regularly used apps, data and documents. Everything in Enify will come back to elements, so it is a good idea to understand what they are and how to use them. 


  • How to use elements?
    • An element can be started by simply dragging it from your My Element list into a layout in the My work area at the top of your Workbench screen.
    • This tells Enify to open the app or document associated with the element in the area of the screen you specified in the layout.
    • You can also drag any currently running program to a space in the layout; you will find these on the Running list on the Workbench screen.

    • Note that elements from the My elements list start the programs to show the required data or documents whereas the Running list only shows things currently running on your computer at the current time, but they can be combined if needed.
    • Elements already displayed on your screens can be dragged into a different part of the current layout by pressing SHIFT and at same click on the address bar on you application. You can then drag and drop the element into another part of the layout. You can also drag and drop elements to and from the minimized section of the My Work area.


Where can you find you elements for reuse?

  • Elements are stored on your Workbench  in the My elements list.
  • You can also create folders there to help organise them like files on your computer.
  • This is useful if you have lots of elements or want to keep elements related to particular tasks together.
  • You can quickly open and close all the folders on your elements list using the double arrows at the top of the list.
  • Underneath the My work area is a Search box that can be used to quickly locate an element. More information on searching and tags can be found below.