Enify Sharing I Why Sharing is part of Enify?

Sharing of information is crucial in todays hybrid work. Often this is done by sharing one link from me to you, or your team. Enify has built on this and enables end-users to share all information needed in a board. Learn more about Enify Share.

Why do I want to Share?

You can easily share your elements and boards with other Enify users to streamline work and maintain consistency. There are many reasons you may want to do this and Enify has tools to make it easy.

  • A colleague wants access to the same report you use - just share the element
  • You want to make sure your holiday cover uses the same information to carry out critical tasks - give each task a board and share them
  • A new start does not have to remember where all the documents are located for their role - you just share a few of your favourite elements and boards to get them up to speed faster
  • You have the definitive collection of chess opening move sites and want better competition!
  • You need to pass on the resources needed for a review session to the whole team.
  • You want to assign a user a task: when sharing a board you have to possibility to assign the board to users. This can be a task the user is meant to to and the assigned board will appear on top of the users My boards list with a red assign- icon. 

Remember if you find a board useful; other people will likely find the same board useful. As you can see from the examples above, when sharing a board you are not just sharing information but "how to do something" - you are effectively passing on knowledge.

And knowledge grows; they in turn will create useful boards out of your best ideas combined their own and they share them back!

As you are all sharing the same board or element, if one of your team updates it to show something better, everyone gets the change; so you are all working with the latest collective knowledge.

Share when running a board : it is possible to share a board "on the fly” when you are running the board. Click on the ...menu and choose Details – Sharing. 


You only share links, not access to information:

Sharing your Elements or Boards will mean your normally private content in Enify is visible to other users if they have access in the native application. For more information see our Security & Privacy page.

What Exactly am I Sharing?

You are sharing Boards and their contained Elements which hold references to data and information, not the information source itself. Think of it like e-mailing a web link, it does not contain the page, just the means to get to it.

This ensures you will always get the latest version of the information but you must be aware that any user accessing it will need to be able to get to the information in the same way you do.

Tips: Make Sure Your Shared Content is Sharable!

Learn more about:- general sharing of information through naive apps