Can Enify be used on Virtual Machines?

Enify can be used on physical or virtual machines. It all depends on how you install it.

Enify is a highly efficient tool that helps you manage your applications on both physical and virtual machines with ease. It streamlines your workflow by optimizing your application management process. With Enify, you can install and use it according to your specific requirements, allowing you to work more effectively on virtual machines.

Enify is a web-based application that works on any Windows device, whether physical or virtual. However, it only manages applications on local devices. If you want to manage applications on a virtual device, you need to install Enify on the same virtual machine. When controlling the screen, Enify displays the virtual machine's allocated area on the physical screen.

If you need to add a virtual machine to an Enify board on a physical device, Epsis support can assist you in creating a template.