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Enify Start I Using Elements and Running

You can start using Enify functionality after downloading the app and choosing a layout. Here is how.

overview-enifyDrag and drop from Running


Drag and drop from "My elements"

My elements are links to what you want to open in your apps, regardless of platform. It can be a document, a view within a web application, a report, or a 3D view. Once you save the link within Enify, you know you can always find it within your workspace. To open it, all you have to do is find it in your list and drag it onto your chosen layout. Leave the rest to Enify.

Enify I Drag and drop

Utilizing your screens

People's screen environment can be small and big, few or many. Using Enify screen environments and layouts enables you the possibility to enhance the way you work with your screens. Under My Work, you can easily switch between different screen environments and layouts. You can also move where you put your apps.

You can use your layout without having Enify on your screen (e.g., minimizing Enify on your taskbar). Here are some tips on how you use the functionality:

- Change between windows opened and placed by Enify 💡 Shift + left mouse click the window menu bar

- Use one application in full screen💡 Doubleclick on the window menu bar you want to expand

- Exit full-screen mode 💡 Double-click on the window menu bar


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