Enify Sharing I How different users will see a Shared Board

A board is created for a specific environment e.g. two screens and your preferred layout. If you share a board and the receiver has different screen environment e.g. 1 screen, the board will need a quick fix on the receivers end.

What will a board look like on another user's screen ?

If you and the users you are sharing boards with have the same environment (e.g. two screens), you will all see the board in the same way.

If the environments are different (because of a different arrangement of physical monitors), then Enify will not know on which part of the screen to place the elements in the shared board. Enify will still open the elements in the board, but they are opened and placed in the minimized section of My work.

What can you do?

  • If you are happy with the layouts you currently have, then simply drag and drop the elements from the minimized section of My work into the layouts. Create a board, give it a name and click outside the board section to save.

  • If you want to change the layouts you currently have, just select a suitable layout from the top of the My work panel ; choose one with enough layout boxes for the shared elements. Then simply drag and drop them onto the chosen layout. When finished, click on the "Update Board" button at the top to save the change.
  • Next time you open the board it will open in this way and if any other users share your environment it will work for them too. Effectively every user ends up contributing to the capability of the board each time they do this until it works across every screen arrangement without any manual intervention.
  • Like all shared items, if you edit the layout it will change for everyone else with the same environment. 
  • If you do not have edit access to the shared board, you will not see the "Update Board" option displayed and consequently you cannot save the board. If you are going to be using the board regularly, ask the owner or another editor to grant you edit rights for a few minutes to remedy this situation.