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Enify Search I Using Favorites, Search and Tags

Tags are made to help you quickly find the Elements and Boards you need using Enify. Here is how you use search and filter by tags. Boards also have the favorite feature.

If you have a lot of Elements and Boards you can use search and tags to quickly locate them. Search uses the name of the item to help find it. An element or board can have several tags associated with them that can be used to help filter down your lists. Setting up your own tags for boards and elements is a simple process.

Using Search

  • Underneath the My work area and My boards is a Search box that can be used to quickly locate an element or board by name.  
  • As you type something into the search box your view of elements on the My elements and boards on the My boards list will shorten to help you locate the one you want.

  • You can use Search in combination with Tag filtering if you wish.

Filtering Using Tags

One or more tags can be associated with any element or board. Tags are just arbitrary labels that are used to describe the function or role of items in the system; they carry out no function and exist purely to help users organise and arrange their content.
  • You can see all the Tags in the system by clicking on the Filter by tags option next to the search box.
  • This will bring up a list of all the Tags defined in the system by all users.
  • If you click on one or more of the tags on the list your element and board views will shorten as they are filtered by your selection.


  • If you select more than one Tag the And and Or selection at the top of the list becomes relevant; And shows elements and boards that contain ALL the tags you specify, whereas Or shows those that contain ANY of your selected tags.