Enify Profile and admin I User online status

We want you to know if your teammates are available or not. Therefore an indication of users' status is public within Enify. Your online status is indicated in your profile picture up in the right-hand corner of Enify.

Your profile picture includes a status indicator displaying whether you are online or not.

If you are online, this is shown by a green checkmark. If you are offline, this is indicated by a white symbol with an X in it. These are well-known status indicators for most users. You will find these status indicators in different places in Enify, where they can be helpful. If you are sharing elements or boards, it can be beneficial to know if the user is online or not. 

Some of the places you and others can see the online status are: Profile picture, My boards, sharing, Templates, User groups, Users, and Roles.

We have chosen not to add sounds to the Enify notification at the moment because we think you have enough distractions when executing your work.