Enify icon on taskbar

The Enify-icon on the taskbar has a couple of shortcuts.

1) Recent list - start boards that you have created or updated lately.

Right-click the Enify icon on the taskbar. A list of boards created or updated lately should appear.
Click on a board to start it. If you click on another board, Enify will automatically close the first one before starting the second. You can also pin boards.

2) Refresh Board

If you have started a Board and have made changes to the elements in the Board (moved, minimized, changed path/url), you can now refresh the Board back to its original setting by right-click the Enify icon on the taskbar and choosing Refresh board.

3) Stop board

If a Board is running, you can now stop the Board by right clicking the Enify icon on the taskbar and choosing Stop board.