Enify Functionality I Keep the program open

Sometimes it can be useful not to close the programs you have opened when switching between them. You can easily do this by using the "Keep open" functionality in Enify. Here we describe how.

🏳️Enify 2.0 and above (new version)

Using a Board:

  • To open a Board, such as the "start my day board," simply hit play, and Enify will launch information from all the applications associated with that board. If you want to open a new Board without closing the current applications, press the "stop" button and choose "keep elements open." Enify will neatly arrange all your open programs as minimized applications on your PC's taskbar and display your new Board according to your preferred layout. Reopening the initial Board will be seamless as the applications are already up and running.

Using an Element:

  • To access an element, simply drag it from either "Elements" or "Running" on your Layout. If you wish to remove it from your Layout without closing the program, click on the element and choose from the options to minimize it, keep it open, or stop it.





🏳️Enify old version

Using a Board:

  • Say you want to open a Board (e.g. the start my day board). You push play and Enify' s response is to open information in all the applications you have linked to that board.
  • Next thing you want is to open a new Board, but not close the already open applications. You can do so by press the "stop" button and then "keep elements open"

Enify then responds by placing all your programs on you PC's task bar as minimized programs and opens up your new Board and places it on your screens as you wish. When you want to run the first Board again, the response will be very quick because the applications are already open.


Using an Element:
  • You open one element by dragging it from "my Elements" or "Running" on your Layout
  • The next thing you want to do is to remove it from your Layout, without closing the program you have opened.
  • You then click on the element on your Layout and get the choice to:
    • minimize
    • image-png-Dec-20-2021-12-07-24-01-PMkeep open
    • image-png-Dec-20-2021-12-07-33-10-PM stop

See below for illustration: