Enify Elements I Edit and delete elements

You have several editing options when working with and using elements. Here is how you edit and delete elements.

Editing & Deleting Elements

Editing elements is easier than creating them as most of the hard work has been done already. You can edit any element on your list, whether they were automagically or manually created.
  • Just click the …menu on the element you want to edit and click the edit icon. 
  • This will open up the element in its template view where you can type new data in the fields or update the source of information.
  • You can use this opportunity to add Tags if you want. Adding tag to an element will help when you search for it.





Note: There is only one copy of a shared element, so if you edit a shared element you are changing it for everybody.

  • To delete elements, click in the checkbox in front of the elements. An actionbar will appear and you can choose Delete.
  • The elements will be moved to Trash where you can restore or completely delete the elements."

Warning Shared Elements:  Depending on your access level to the shared element, be careful deleting shared elements as you will remove them from other people's lists too, even if someone else shared the element with you.

  • You can get the element back after deleting if from My elements list, but it is gone forever if you delete it from Trash. 
  • We recommend that you just leave deleted shared elements in Trash for a while - as you can always delete them later once you have confirmed no-one else is using them.