Enify Elements I Creating Elements

Elements are the basic building blocks of Enify and are simple to create. Here is how you create Enify Elements

Creating Elements

There are several ways to create Elements in Enify. They all do the same thing; so use the one that is most convenient for you at the time. The + icon indicates where you can create elements. Here we describe how


  • This is by far the simplest way but it only works for a small subset of apps of your PC. Most web browsers are supported so it will take care of any web based data, reports and applications. Support for other apps will appear over time.

  • On the red Running list on your Workbench you will see a list of most of the programs running on your computer currently.
  • Some of them show a "plus" ✚ sign next to them.
  • Simply click that and you will create the element; it will appear in My elements to the left.

  • Another simple way of creating Elements is to drag and drop programs with a + sign from Running directly into My elements. You can also drag and drop these directly into a folder in My elements.

Drag and drop directly from the url in your browser 

Simply mark the url and drag and drop it into My elements area of Enify. The element will be placed at the bottom of the list. 

Tip for Multiple Tabs on Web-based Elements:

Web browser autocreation will create an element from the tab you currently have selected and the name may end up a little confusing if you have lots of tabs open.

The easiest way to avoid this is to simply drag the desired tab off the browser to create a new browser window and just select the new entry that appears under the Running list.

Doing it this way will ensure you don't get the wrong page by accident and improve the name it is given when it is auto-created as an Element. Don't worry, a name is easy to change by editing the element after its creation - see below.


Creating elements from local files on you PC 

Open your  Windows explorer program on your PC, locate the the file you want to create an element from, drag and drop the file into My elements in Enify. If the file is supported, an element is created and you can locate it at the bottom of My elements list.  

If you want to create several elements at once from the Windows explorer, mark the files, right click (Ctrl+C) and choose Copy, navigate to My elements in Enify and right click and choose Paste (Ctrl+V). 

Manual Creation

  • Manually creating an element is simple as well. Manual creation is based around the concept of Templates.
  • From a user's perspective Templates work like "wizards" to guide the user through creating elements for particular apps and hide any complexity.
  • To create a new element manually just click on the "plus" ✚ sign at the top of your My elements list.
  • You will then be given a list of templates currently available to you. Select the template that interests you and you will be offered a choice of variants. These variants exist to offer you tweaks on how the app will work; for instance the option to open a PowerPoint presentation in slideshow or editing mode.
  • Once you select your preferred variant you can populate the necessary information in the boxes on the screen.
  • You will always be asked for a Name; give it something helpful for yourself and others to identify. No need to include an application name as you can work that out that from the icon.
  • Very often you will be asked for a Path if your resource is document based - this is just the FULL file path to the resource, including the filename itself.
  • More involved templates will guide you to provide additional information such as; data references, page numbers, zoom factors, etc. Just provide those that are required and you will be good to go. 
  • Press Save and you are done!

Note: If you find there is no template suitable for your needs then one can probably be provided by an Enify administrator, Epsis or the wider Enify community; click here for help: https://help.enify.no/en/creating-templates

Sharing Elements with Other Enify Users

This feature only available for subscribers. 

  • Obviously, the easiest work is no work at all! Enify makes it easy for users to share their useful elements and boards.
  • So if you see a colleague or friend with a useful element just ask them to share it with you.https://help.enify.no/en/how-to-share