Enify Boards I How to use "My Boards"

Boards in Enify is a collection of information from your different applications and systems. Boards can be used to instantly recall all your documents, apps and data for your common tasks.

What is Boards in Enify?

Boards are your daily tasks combined with relevant information from different systems. 

    • Boards for You: Boards are a means of organising Elements into a Layout for instant recall.
  • You can create boards to bring up what you need to perform common tasks.
      • Boards are setup and managed by the people that use them.
      • There is no need to learn about any complex software; if you can use a PC, you can build a board; more on that later.
      • One click starts a board and opens every element on your screen.
    • Boards for your Team:
      • By sharing boards you can ensure everyone is using the same information and the same tools to carry out the work consistently. Hobbies, work, organisational tasks, procedures and meetings can all be enhanced, simplified and accelerated with boards.

How to find your boards?

  • You can find boards under the My Boards list on the right hand side of the Workbench.
      • Looking at the Board you can see who created it; if you see a blue person icon they were created by yourself whereas boards shared with you will have an icon in a different colour alongside the initials of the user sharing with you.
    • To the left of the creators icon is the boards name and underneath when it was last edited.
    • In addition you can see a star, clicking on this makes the board a Favourite and pushes it to the top of the list.
    • Clicking on the solid star again will make it an outline and push the Board back to its old position further down the list.


What options do you have from the "My Boards List"?

Click on the menu and you get the following options: 

    • Details: gives you access to (depending on access level): edit the board (name, description, tags, delete), sharing and the discussion section. 
    • Copy link – copies the link off the board.
    • Hide - if a board is shared with you and you want to remove it from you My boards list.

  •  PLAY
    • Clicking on the Play icon will recall all the elements into the places specified in your layout.
    • It will start new apps as needed and recall data and documents from where they have been stored.
    • This will not affect anything else you are doing on the screen at the time but the new apps may well obscure them.
    • You can freely work with any existing apps on the screen as you work with the new ones opened up by the board. 
    • When you do this the Board will jump up to the top of your My boards list and turn dark clue to show you it is running.
  • STOP
    • When you finish what you are doing you can stop the board in the same way you started it; the Board will be at the top of the list and the Play icon has been replaced with a Stop icon.
    • This will give you the option to close all the elements the board opened or keep them open if you think you will need them later.
    • You are then free to start a new board to help with your next task.

Note: When you stop a board, all related information and applications will be stopped and closed on your computer.


If you have started a Board and have made changes to the elements in the Board (moved, minimized, changed path/url), you can now refresh the Board back to its original setting by clicking the Refresh board button next to the Stop board button.

Like elements you can use the search box to quickly find boards of interest and use tags to organize them. See the links below for more information.