Enify Boards I Editing and deleting Boards

Boards is a collection of information you need to perform a task. When saved you can reuse the board every day. Editing a board can be smart as a task evolves and information does the same. Here is how.

There are two ways of editing your Board depending on what you want to change:

1. Changing The Elements or Layout

    • Start the Board in the usual way and change the elements or layout the same way you did when you created it.
    • Drag new elements over old ones, remove them using the icons in the layout, and even change the layout and rearrange the elements.
    • When you are happy with your setup, just hit the Update Board button that will appear above the layout in My work👇.


2. Opening Board Details

    • Click on the three dots menu and choose Details.

    • In the Details window, you will find three tabs: (Properties, Sharing, and Discussion)

    • Properties:

      Here you can edit Name, Description, add Tags, view the Boards, elements, view Created by and Last edited by, start, save and delete the Board. If you delete a Board, you can find it under the Recycle bin tab in your profile. From here, you can restore or completely delete the Board. The delete button will not delete your Elements within the Board, just the Board itself. 

      • If someone else are viewing the Board at the same time as you, a notification will appear.
    • Sharing:

      The Sharing Tab lets you share or unshare a Board with other users. Just enter the name or email address of the user(s) and give them appropriate access. If you want to assign a board to another user, check the assign checkbox. Click Save and the Board is shared. You can also add users via the Quick add button (user group). To unshare a Board, mark the user(s) you want to remove from sharing and click Save. The Sharing Tab gives you an overview of

      • whom the Board is shared with,

      • who shared it,

      • the access level, and

      • if anyone views the Board

    • Discussion:

      Here you can discuss the shared Board with other users. You can read, write and delete comments. 

    • Delete:

      You can delete a board by clicking on the Delete-button down in the right hand corner of the Details window. The board will then be placed in My profile – Recycle bin where you can restore the board or completely delete it.