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Enify Account I Sign in to Enify

Sign in to Enify using Microsoft username and password.

🏳️Enify version: All versions of Enify
  1. You can just navigate to the Enify app - website. If you are on the free version, you should have received the link by email after registering. If you are on a subscription license, you should have received a URL link specific to your company. 

NOTE: Enify uses Microsoft to log on, so for the following steps, you'll need to use your registered email for the free version or the account your company has given you.

   2. Sign in using your registered email for a free trial to access Enify.

   3. After you have signed in, the Enify Home page is launched.


Note: If you start Enify for the first time, the next step you need to go to is:
👉"Download and install EnifyEngine."