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Enify Search I Editing Tags

To help you and your team easily find the Elements and Boards you need you can use tags. This article tells you more about how to edit tags.

Who can create tags?

Everyone with access to Enify are allowed to create and update tags on their Elements and Boards. 

Editing Tags

If you have created or edited any elements and boards you will have likely have seen the 
Tags: option already (see picture below).

Element and tag

How to add tag?

  • To find the Tags box on an Element or Board you need to click the three bullet button and edit (see picture below):

  • You can add a tag by selecting the Tags: box.
  • The system will list all the tags already created in the system. Ideally, you should select one of these to avoid too many tags appearing in the system.
  • If there is nothing suitable you can just type in a new tag and hit [RETURN] on your keyboard and it will create a brand new tag for future use by everyone.
HubSpot Video

How to remove tags: 

  • To remove a tag from an Element or Board then just click the small ✖ next to one of the existing tags. 

Note: This does not remove the tag from the system; it will continue to be available to add to this this item or any other item in the system.