Enify Privacy I General

Epsis believes your information should remain private. We do not collect any more information than is needed to deliver the service. We do not regard customer information as a commodity to sell. We value transparency.

We value transparency in every way when it comes to privacy. So we have compiled some general information to help. If you wish more detail please contact our security team directly with your queries.

  • What Information Do We Collect And Have Access To?
    • Templates, environments, layouts and tags (their description and contents) are shared resources for all users of the system and can be seen by everyone. 
    • Your element & boards; their names, descriptions, associated tags, which layouts they use and their contents are not visible to anyone else unless you choose to share them.
    • This data is kept masked within secure Microsoft Azure infrastructure. Only a database administrator could look at this data and company policy defines this data as confidential, so it cannot be passed on to our own staff - even those in technical support. Please be aware of this when you call us (see guidance below)
    • We do collect data on usage. Specifically your e-mail address, tenant and:
      • The number of elements you have created, shared & archived
      • The number of boards you have created, shared & archived
      • The date you last successfully logged in
      • This data is collected to allow us to:
        • Scale our systems in response to customer demand
        • Provide automated guidance at the right time to help you use Enify effectively
        • Determine how our customers are using the system
    • Enify will also log data locally on your system. These logs do contain far more detailed technical information about how you are using the tools.
      • This data is only available to yourself and you can read it any time by clicking on the "get logs" option on the Enify icon in the system resource tray.
      • This data is purged regularly and exists to help diagnose any technical issues you are experiencing.
      • Our support team cannot access this data and can only use it if you send them text copied from these log files (see guidance below)

  • What About Sharing?
    Enify is no different from any other software or system that allows you to share information & knowledge; like e-mail or file shares.

    Enify does not duplicate or bypass existing security measures in place; you are effectively passing links to the resources you normally utilise in your day-to-day work. People can only access what they already have permissions to access. Always take the care to abide by your information handling guidelines when sharing  personal, sensitive or confidential information. 

    Bear in mind that shared boards may well utilise elements that contain OneDrive links or similar; these may expire after a certain time rendering the element useless.
    • Take care in what you share. When you share an element or a board (which contains elements) you are granting the recipient the ability to see the element and board as you do in Enify. They can see the title, description and contents. If they run the element they will see the same information only if they have access to it.
      • Never put passwords and other sensitive information into an element - even as a note.
  • Dedicated Infrastructure
    Our enterprise clients demand and deserve total privacy of their data, so our deployment model respects this need. Our clients can choose between dedicated installation hosted by Epsis or installation within client Azure environment:
      • Our deployment model for enterprise clients is to provide a dedicated installation of Enify on Azure infrastructure.
      • The sensitivity of what is contained in elements and boards is preserved within your dedicated tenant and there is no possibility of data leakage or cross contamination from other Epsis clients
      • If desired the ownership of the Azure environment & administration responsibilities can be taken "in house" by our enterprise clients. 

  • Support Implications
    • As our support team cannot see your content you will need to share resources with them to diagnose any issues:
      • The support representative will ask you to share any elements and boards you are having problems with if you wish them to diagnose issues concerning them.
      • For deeper technical issues a support representative need to ask to see your log files. Feel free to edit out any irrelevant or private data they contain before sending them on. (Private data in this context could e.g. be: file paths, URL's, tags and input from the description field in a Board).

  • Future Plans
    • As Enify continues to evolve we will update this page in order to maintain transparency and help build trust with our user community. So check back periodically to ensure you remain informed on your privacy.
    • At some point we do plan to start capturing how often users start and stop elements and boards. In addition we would feed back any errors you receive to the support team. The purpose is to provide us with better understanding of system use for the reasons outlined above and take a more proactive approach to support. Again, we will collect no data of the contents of boards and elements. We will inform you when this happens and update this document accordingly. 

  • Your Rights And GDPR
    • We fully embrace and respect GDPR legislation and have policies in place on customer data handling. Please contact us if you need more information or have a query.