Enify App I Templates in Enify

Templates aims to remove all that is difficult for an end user to create an Enify element. It can be made for basically all applications you have. This article gives you general information about templates in Enify

  • What are templates in Enify?
    • Templates can be created for nearly every system you have. It's purpose is to help enify know what the users want to see in your spesific system and to remove whats difficult for the end users. It can be created without any coding - or development skills, but you need to have admin rights in Enify. 
    • As a results, the end-users will be shielded from the complexity behind capturing elements while still maintaining the ability to create and run any element.
    • Templates can be created by Enify admins who have special knowledge about the behaviour of specific applications. Once created, they can be published and utilized by everyone in the system 
    • Basic Templates will include applications like Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Excel, Power Point and Word. Customer specific templates needs to be created as required.
  • How can I use it?
    • As an end-user you chose your template, provide the necessary input, save and execute
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    • As an Admin you create a new template (or variant of a template), provide the required application and process parameters, save and publish.


Who  do I contact if I need help? Contact us: https://help.enify.no/ticket